When it comes to creating an anti-racist movement, there are many things that you have to think about in order for it to become known. I would think about who my strong ties and weak ties are. Strong ties are a close friendship and during a social movement you can tell them about your movement, and it would just stay within your clique. When weak ties are a tenuous friendship and during a social movement you can tell them, and they have different friends that they can tell. These are important when it comes to creating an anti-racist movement.


If I were to create a social movement at UNE, I would begin by finding a topic that has a social backing and I would tell my strong ties. My strong ties would be my friends, roommates, Erica Rousseau, and professors. However, I just tell my strong ties, my movement will not go anywhere. From then I would tell my weak ties. They could then tell people and my idea of the movement could grow and become something big.


When creating a movement, you need to think about your social habits toward that topic. Social habits are the unthinking behavior of a large group of people. When it comes to race, people who are white just tend to look past it. Social habits that targeting for change is racism, diversity and looking to get involved. Our social habits are to focus on our race more than those who are of another race. In order for my movement to work I will need to figure out new social habits will promote my movement. Those would be bringing new ideas from our movement to change the diversity and to talk about exploring new opinions to bringing in more diverse classes and creating an open mind when it comes to race. I will need to spread my ideas and habits around campus. I will do that by having booths in the commons and hanging up posters.


There are many important things to think about when it comes to creating a social movement. However, when it comes to creating a movement on a campus like UNE the movement can become more successful. I could talk to my strong ties and weak ties to come up with plans on how we are going to get the word out to people. From then I would continue to have meetings and ask people to join.


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