How to change a habit

When it comes to changing a habit, there are many steps you need to take. A habit is something that you will not be able to change in a day but it will happen over time. Some examples of ways to change a habit are to go slow and make tiny changes, set reminders not to do that habit, change your environment, coach yourself out of those habits, and find hobbies that make you happy. This description of how to change your habits can help to change

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January 28, 2019

People tend to hide from their identity when they feel ashamed or embarrassed by it.  One example of this would be if someone identified as homosexual. Many people who are homosexual hide this identity from others to not feel as they are different and or not welcomed. Over time of hiding an identity can cause someone to mentally be not stable. when all those emotions are kept in at some point your going to break. Yours are hiding who you really are and that may cause you to not even know who you are anymore. I have found a correlation between people who keep their identity in and suicide. Keeping in your emotions can lead to that and that is very sad from my point. Society will gain more hateful comments with someone holds in their identity in. Another example of this is if someone in your family is hiding an identity that they are homosexual, your family might make jokes toward that subject. However, if that continues society make lose a person. Many people around us may hold an identity and until they embrace it, you will never know. They live with this guilt of who they are and why they are like this.

January 18, 2019

When you think about a name or even that person you think about their identity. Identity is the characteristics that make up one individual. Some people have the same and others may look alike. However, their identity is what makes them different and all unique. Identities are very important because no human being is the same, we all are different. Identities help categorized each individual. Identity can be expressed as mom, dad, brother, sister, uncle, aunt, coach, etc. Not all of us have the same identity. That is why it is important to express our identity.

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November 14, 2018

The challenges I am facing is everything. I haven’t even started with the questions because I don’t know what I am doing. I have asked Megan for help but she did not help me. Because I did not do the first assignment, I couldn’t even start my draft. I need help on all my work because I do not know what I am doing. With the final paper due Monday, I am very stressed. I need help understanding the questions and everything else.


October 26, 2018

When you are writing a paper to find a question, it can be a little difficult. Not only are you finding that one question but you must answer smaller questions off of that. Adding a question rather than a thesis to your introduction gets the reader driven into your paper. The paper I just wrote, I really enjoy the question. One other thing I like about it is the topic. In my opinion, I believe that I did not do so good on it. If I had more time, I would review over the paper, edit it, see how I can connect the article more into my paper, and look at my comments to see how I can improve.


October 22, 2018

The most interesting paragraphs of my essay would be paragraphs two and three. in paragraph two, I talk about what your responsibilities as a classroom teacher and then the third paragraph I talk about how to change your thoughts in a classroom. As I reviewed my comment from my professor, I did not do ass well I thought I was. I hope that I can revise it to become a better written paper.

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October 19, 2018

As I wrote my essay, I did not quite understand what my professor meant by the ending question. after I talked to him, he explained to me what it was about. If I were to add a question into my writing now I would say, “why do teachers actually have lower expectations for children who are overweight?”. This question can not be fully answered but there is an answer for it. As a future educator, I find it fathoming that teachers can actually treat a child differently due to their weight. That not only hurts the child but it also lowers their self esteem. My audience many be educators or future educators. However anyone may be interested because all of us were in a classroom and would be hurt if we saw this with our own two eyes.