Writing Process Reflection

When I was writing my Yoshino essay, I used different writing processes to incorporate into my writing. However, I do not think that this was one of my best writing but I was able to get words onto the page. As I read and annotated the article, I thought about the key ideas of the reading and how I can talk about it in my paper.  Before we began the essay, we were to write about some of the key vocabulary and how it related to identity. Each day leading up the rough draft we were to complete this as homework. Then as I wrote the rough draft, I used the homework assignments to choose what was important to add to my paper. I added quotes into my essay and described my opinion on them.  Next, I was paired up with two partners to review my essay. Doyle and Grace did a great job commenting on my work and telling me where I went wrong and what I need to add. After I reviewed their comments and added new ideas and quotes, I decided that I wanted to delete my introduction as I believed it did not find with the other paragraphs. I created a new introduction that talked about the idea of identity. Lastly, in class, I was paired up with Hannah to go over a checklist of things I need to add to my paper. In class, I read her paper and she read. mine out loud. We highlighted what we need to fix and or write more about. After that was done my paper got deleted, so I was unable to turn in the final draft of my paper. Throughout this semester, I will be writing more papers and with my mistakes from this one, I will be able to improve on my writing for the next ones.

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